Types of Watches: Ultimate Guide for Watch Types

Watches have very different use cases, mechanisms, displays or materials. So watch types can be categorized according to these. If it’s okey for you, we are deep diving to learn watch types. Types of watches at glance:

  • Analog watches
  • Digital watches
  • Automatic watches
  • Mechanical watches
  • Quartz watches
  • Field watches:
  • Chronograph watches
  • Pilots watches
  • Dive watches
  • Dress watches
  • Beater watches

Analog Watches

Yes its obvious but watches categorized firstly by display. Analog watches have hour markers, not digital screen. They need to battery for work.

Movado watch, as analog watch

Digital Watches

Digital watches are digital watches have digital display:) Okey this first types are boring but these are watch types, too.

Really? Gif

Yes now we are going to learn watch types that really mainly used in watch jargon. Keep note.

By movement watch types are:

  • Automatic,
  • Mechanical,
  • Quartz.

Automatic Watches

Automatic watch type don’t need a battery for work or wind manually. So how automatic watches does work? Automatic watches gain energy from owner wrist’s movements. If an automatic watch has transparent back you can see the “rotor”(It’s like half a moon) that moves by wrist movements and helps the mechanism gain energy and work. Automatic watches have different energy storage level, you should check their duration.

Back of an automatic watch. TagHeuer Carrera Calibre 5
Back of an automatic watch. TagHeuer Carrera Calibre 5 , chrono24.de

Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watches as automatic watches dont have any battery. Owner of watch wind them manually before using and set the clock. After someone spin down the crown, internal mechanism starts. Mechanical watches are ancestor of automatic watches but still they produced and preferred.

Monte Rosa Mechanical Watch, types of watches
Monte Rosa Mechanical Watch – https://www.instagram.com/p/CX-LX_tL3-R/

Quartz Watches

For movement complexity quartz watches have the simplest mechanism. But don’t forget its simple after it is invented:) Quartz watches also known as “electric watches”. They have battery. They are powered by an oscillator(nevermind) regulated by the vibrations of quartz crystal. Just keep this: Quartz watches are electric watches and quartz is a type of crystal.

Swatch Big Bold Jellyfish as quartz watch
Quartz watches are very popular and have simple mechanism. Swatch Big Bold Jellyfish
Rolex Submariner as Dive Watch, types of watches
Rolex Submariner as Dive Watch – Rolex

By purpose or feature watch types:

  • Field watches: Key features are strong case, water proof rate, luminescence, easy to read dial, ruggedness. This features was for warfare but modern watches inspired from them and born a new watch type.
  • Chronograph watches: If a watch has stop-watch we can say them Chronograph watches.
  • Pilots watches: For wristwatches, soldiers needs are very important because first wristwatches made for army.Pilots watches are bigger and have bigger crowns and dial. Before computers in cockpits, wristwatches was game-changer. If you want to learn more about first wristwatches see our post about first wristwatches.
  • Dive watches: For diving we need 200+ water resistance. Same as pilots diver needs big watches, high quality materials and usually shinny case.
  • Dress watches: Elegant, classy, no fancy features nor functions.
  • Beater watches: Everyday, every time strong watches.

Featured Photo by LumenSoft Technologies on Unsplash.

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