Winston Churchill’s Watches

Winston Churchill is the most popular British prime minister. There are many stories, documentaries, books about him. He is very characteristic and has own point of view for almost every topic. So his hobbies and collections are pleasing and inspiring to follow and learn. We will deep dive to collection of Winston Churchill’s watches.

Winston Churchill gives V for Victory sign after a lunchtime meeting, at 10 Downing Street in 1954, BBC News

His journey began in the British Army as reporter. He wrote military reports for newspapers. In 1898 also he wrote his first book “The Story of the Malakand Field Force” on his military experiences. He already decided be writer…

After Winston Churchill left the army he started work full time as war correspondent for daily newspaper the Morning Post. With World War I he entered politics as Prime Minister’s cabinet member and head of the Royal Army. With World War II, as we all know Winston Churchill’s become more and more popular. He has a Nobel Prize in Literature.

Winston Churchill’s Watch Collection

Winston Churchill was watch collector and known to have some of most spectacular watches. His watches are iconic as the himself. Let’s look Winston Churchill’s watches.

Winston Churchill’s Datejust Rolex

Churchill’s Rolex is a gift from Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf. It’s Rolex’s 100.000. choronometer, customized gold Datejust, with his coat of arms on the back. There is record of letters about this gift.

After these letters Winston Churchill received his gift.

Also there is a video on YouTube that Winston Churchill’s Rolex reviewed.

Winston Churchill’s Lemania Chronograph

Churchill’s Lemania is a gift from Canton of Vaud in 1946. It’s Lemania CH27-C12 originally and presented to Winston Churchill during his Switzerland visit. Winston Churchill kept the Lemania Chronograph for the rest of his life. In 2017 Sotheby’s organized an auction of this watch and it’s sold 162,500 GBP. The watch made entirely of 18-karat yellow gold, case to hour markers.

Winston Churchill’s Lemania. Sotheby’s.

Lemania is vintage as brand also. Because its sold to Swatch in 1999.

Winston’s Iconic Watch: The Turnip. Breguet Pocket Watch

Winston Churchill’s (1874-1965) time zone is really important for watch trends. Because first wristwatches are made in ends of 1800s. When Churchill collected watches actually pocket watches are mainly used. Wristwatches became popular after World War II.

After all this information its expected that Winston Churchill’s favorite watch is a pocket watch. It’s a custom Breguet pocket watch that has nickname: “The Turnip”. The turnip was made for Churchill’s grandfather, the 7th Duke of Malborough in 1890. It was given to Churchill later.

As you see Winston Churchill’s watches have stories and their own good looking styles.

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